Fable Fortune will be better than Hearthstone



Hearthstone is one of the most popular free games in the world, and Fable Fortune will use a similar recipe for a more spectacular game - see spectacular info.

Fable was a very attractive game and also profitable when it first reached the market. Unfortunately, the same title ceased to generate significant profits for Lionhead Studios and Microsoft to the point of abolishing the development studio.

Shortly before closing the team of developers from Lionhead were working hard on Fable Legends. Now, although the game Fable Legends will never appear on the market, the team of programmers has sufficient confidence in the Fable franchise to work on a card game whose action will take place in the same universe.

This game will be called Fable Fortune and will be developed by Flaming Fowl Studios. The title has already been approved by Microsoft, that apparently had the Fable license and so we might get lucky and see the new title on Xbox One and PC by the end of this year.

In terms of game mechanics in Fable Fortune it should be close to Hearthstone in the digital environment or Magic The Gathering in reality. In total, the gamers can choose from eight heroes with personalized cards that contain certain abilities and skills. The goal, obviously, will be to reduce to zero the enemy’s life by using spells and other abilities and skills.

Compared to other similar games, Fable Fortune will be different by having 3D graphics and a series of original game modes and also online co-op against AI players. The common cards will have an upgrade system and level up, there will be Trophy cards, decks of cards with specific themes and more - level up now.

Currently, Fable Fortune seeks Kickstarter funding to materialize and I honestly hope that they will succeed because from their description this is a very good game, especially because they want to introduce the 3D graphic.

Until this new game, we can still enjoy Hearthstone, which is for sure an amazing game.